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These days, lasers, light, and sound energy are cutting edge medical technologies offering new possibilities to patients, particularly those seeking cosmetic treatments. Though there are a large variety of different energy-based vibrational tools offered to patients seeking cosmetic treatments, many of them do not technically qualify as "lasers". For example, IPL, LED, Titan, and Thermage are all legitimate energy-based, vibrational treatments, but they are not lasers.

A laser is a single wavelength of light that can be focused and directed specifically at a target area on the body. Because it is a single wavelength of light, it has special properties that can produce remarkable results in terms of medical treatments. By directing a carefully selected wavelength at a cosmetic skin issue, for example, doctors are able to direct a high level of energy to a precise location. Lasers have thus, come to be recognized for their precision in the cosmetics industry and for offering results that are not possible with other, less technologically sophisticated tools.

All cosmetic lasers are either ablative or non-ablative. The Ablative ones destroy the top layers of the skin in order to achieve the necessary cosmetic results. Non-ablative lasers do not destroy the top layers of skin in order to target deeper layers needing cosmetic work. Though patients must often plan for a longer recovery from treatment involving ablative lasers, the results of treatments that remove the uppermost skin layers is often more dramatic than what can be expected with non-ablative treatments.


Patients often seek out cosmetic laser treatment to get rid of unsightly scars, moles, warts, birthmarks, or other skin-related issues. There are a large variety of different skin conditions that can be treated. Acne and cellulite, for example, can both be treated using different types of laser technology. Indeed, if you have skin that has lost its elasticity, lasers can help to encourage collagen production, thus tightening things up. Lasers can be used to remove tattoos or unwanted hair. Many potential patients don't realize the possibilities offered by these treatments as viable alternatives to much more invasive surgical techniques. : What you can discover

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This site is designed for prospective cosmetic patients to help them better understand the treatments and the possibilities available using this new kind of technology. You'll learn how cosmetic problems can be treated with with the help of lasers and how the devices and technologies that are being used by practitioners to achieve the best results. You'll learn more about how cosmetic lasers and laser skin resurfacing works to produce a noticeable effect on the body. Potential risks and benefits are also discussed to allow patients the ability to weigh out this type of treatment against other treatment approaches.

If you're considering a cosmetic laser treatment, can provide you with information about the procedure itself and the various cosmetic problems that are treatable. Before making a decision about cosmetic laser treatment, study the information contained at this web site so that you can make an informed choice. The website also provides prospective patients with an overview of the costs of treatments to help patients create a reasonable budget for their procedure. And after you've taken the time to get to know more about the procedure, you'll be ready to look at the before and after pictures of people who have gotten real results from cosmetic laser treatment.

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